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Just balls Ltd - Site Accessibility

Accessibility Statement

We are working to make the Just Balls site as accessible as possible so that it can be used by everybody.

This is an on going process to help with navigation, reading text and the use of screen readers.

Access Keys

Have been introduced to the site. This will enable you to press keys to navigate instead of using a mouse:

To use Access Keys, PC users would need to press Alt + [Access Key] and Mac users would need to press Ctrl + [Access Key]. 
For some browsers you may need to press the enter Key to activate the link and Firefox users need to use SHIFT+ALT+ [Access Key].

Opera users can use SHIFT+Esc to bring up a list of this sites access keys, and can also jump to any page from there.

For top level site navigation, you can use the following Access Keys:

Alt - h :: Home
Alt - o :: Our Ethics
Alt - a :: About Us
Alt - z :: Sport Diary (List of upcoming sporting events)
Alt - c :: Catalogue (View online or order our catalogue)
Alt - q :: Entire range (View the entire Just Balls product range)
Alt - w :: Footballs
Alt - r :: Rugby balls
Alt - n :: Netballs Professional
Alt - m :: Netballs promotional
Alt - v :: Volleyballs
Alt - b :: Basketballs
Alt - j :: Juggling balls
Alt - p :: Pumps and inflators
Alt - t :: Car flags
Alt - u :: Roller banners
Alt - s :: Suppliers
Alt - x :: Accessibility

Throughout our website the following Access Keys maybe of use:

Alt - arrow left key:: To go back one page.
Alt - arrow right key:: To go forward one page.
Alt - k :: To skip straight to the content and bypass the navigation.


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