Size 5 Football Range

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Our Size 5 Footballs Range
Size 5 Training Ball in blue with red, black and white circles

Size 5 Training Ball

Specifically designed for practise and training. Slightly lighter in weight than a match ready ball allowing the player to build up a stronger shot and more dribbling stamina. The ball has a whole variety of construction options.

Training Ball Specifications >>>

Size 5 Match ready Football with red and white panels

Size 5 Match Ready

Our match ready balls are built to meet the same specifications as FIFA requirements. This means you can enjoy the same quality football as the professionals... although we cannot guarantee the same quality of play!

Match Ready Specifications >>>

Size 5 Promotional ball, in yellow with the change for life logo

Size 5 Promotional Ball

These are a great option for playing in the park with or in the back garden. Full sized football with plenty of options for getting your message across.

Promotional Specifications >>>

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