Size 5 Match Ready Rugby Balls

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Size 5 Match Ready Rugby Balls
Size 5 Match ready Rugby Ball Rubber - JBRR53

Size 5 Match Ready Rugby Balls // Product Code: JBRR53

Usage: -

Ideal for professional players, Rugby clubs and premium promotion

Outer Material Available: -

Top Grade or Eco Quality pimpled grain rubber

Panel's Construction: -

4 Panels

Size: -

Official size (36-37cm Length, 58-60cm circumference)

Lining: -

3 Layers cross lamination for perfect shape retention

Weight: -

IRB specification 440-450g

Bladders Available: -

Latex Bladder (High retention bladders available)

Print: -

Up to 10 spot colour design

Inflation: -

Recommended PSI = 08-10

Size 5 Match Ready Rugby ball - jbRR53

Below are the suggested Retail Prices for this product

Prices range between £18.76 and £11.46

Price includes up to two colours and set up costs but excludes carriage costs.
  • UK printed stock takes 10 - 15 working days (following the approval of artwork)
  • Factory printed stock takes 15 - 20 working days (following the approval of artwork) this is flown in to the UK, sorted and inflated if required (and at additional cost)then sent out to the final address
  • Factory printed stock via ship takes about 12 weeks (following the approval of artwork)
  • The ball is printed before being stitched together, allowing the whole surface of the ball to be your canvas.
  • Printing calculated on your artworks number of colours ONLY
  • Two colours already included in the price!
  • Greater range of materials and panel style options
  • Air freight and sea freight options
  • Manufactured promotional balls ready to be printed; held here in the UK
  • Fast turnaround, only 10-15 working days following approval of artwork
  • Plain stock can be delivered deflated or inflated (at additional cost) the next working day
Please note that other options maybe available on this ball, whether it be the material used or the shape and number of panels. Talk to your supplier to find out more and request a bespoke ball quote.

Other size 5 options: - Size 5 promotional rubber // Size 5 promotional PVC

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